BEECONZ eliminates the need for inputting addresses, when they’re even available.

BEECONZ reduces the location of any person, group, business, event or even item down to 6-digit codes or BEECONZ. These codes are shareable either privately or publicly and allow for real-time, pinpoint accuracy with minimal input.


Beeconz Inc

How To: Whether you have a mobile business and want to reach thousands or you’re having an event for a select few, all you have to do is set your “Beeconz” and those people will know exactly where they need to be. Share your “Beeconz” through social media, messaging or email. “Set Beeconz” for any duration from a one-time event to a reoccurring schedule.


Beeconz Inc

Simply input the 6 digit “Beeconz” code and you will be shown the location and directions to exactly where you want to be. Share the code with your friends through social media, messaging or email. Tap the “Public” button to show other public “Beeconz” in your area.


Beeconz Inc

In an emergency, hold down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds to activate your “Emergency Beeconz”. If no further action is taken within 30 seconds, “Emergency Beeconz” will auto send your location and directions to your pre-determined recipients.


Beeconz Inc

If you need to be picked up or want to arrange a meeting with some friends, “Quick Beeconz” is the fastest way to share your location with up to 4 people at once. With bidirectional, real-time location updates and in-app messaging, when someone sends you a quick “I’m on my way”, you’ll know exactly where they are and when they’ll arrive.


Beeconz Inc

Tap the “Me Beez” button to pin your current location. Later, tap the “Active” button to remind you of where you were or had left something along with directions back to it. "Me Beez" runs in the background so that you can simultaneously use the rest of the “Beeconz” features.


Set Beeconz

  • Choose to “Pin” your current location or have it “Track” with you.

  • Make your Beeconz “Public” to be seen by those around you.

  • Use a custom name and icon for your Beeconz.

  • Use your current location, input a remote address or choose from your preselected "PreBeez".

  • Schedule your Beeconz as needed.

  • Link to social media or a web page to add additional information.

  • Share your Beeconz via social media, text messaging, or email.

  • All fields are editable at any time including the option to “Pause” your Beeconz.

  • Arrival screen can be used as proof of an invitation or as a retail coupon.

  • Option to lease and personalize a Beeconz code for long term use.

Find Beeconz

  • Input the 6-digit Beeconz code to quickly show its location, route, directions & nearest intersection.

  • See the history and status of any Beeconz that you have input or received.

  • Use the “Public” button to see other Beeconz in your area.

  • Review “Public Beeconz” without interrupting your current one.

  • Seamlessly change to different Beeconz.

  • Share or post your favorite Beeconz via Social media, Text messaging or Email.

Quick Beeconz

  • Quickly share your location with up to 4 people at once.

  • Keep in touch with in app messaging.

  • Remotely set an in-route stop for someone coming to you or send someone on an errand.

  • Select up to 4 “Quick Links” and remotely set a meeting or event location.

  • See live progress updates of “Quick Links” headed to an event or shared destination.

  • Live progress updates work both ways in case you’re going to them.

  • Tap recipient to see their ETA and distance from your Beeconz.

  • Get notified when your “Quick Links” have arrived.

Me Beez

  • Tap the “Me Beez” button to mark your current location.

  • When “Active”, tap again to hide your pin or select other options.

  • “Go To” will show the path and directions back to your pin from your current location.

  • Pin will stay active until “Deleted”.

  • Great for marking where you left your vehicle, a “meet back here” location or anything else.

  • Can be used in conjunction with other Beeconz features.

Emergency Beeconz

  • Hold down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds to activate.

  • You have the option to attach a message.

  • “Emergency Beeconz” will auto send after 30 seconds.

  • You can preselect up to 4 contact recipients.

  • Recipients will receive your location and directions.

  • Option to call 911 directly from within Beeconz.



What is my user name?
Your “User Name” is what will identify you to other users when you are using “Quick Beeconz”. We recommend your first name and last initial (John D).

Can I edit my “User Identity”?
Yes, you can change your “User Identity“ and/or pic by tapping the settings button on the primary screen in the lower, right corner. At any time, you can also tap on your current location on the map to open “Settings”.

How do I Logout?
Logout is in the “Settings” tab. This can be opened by tapping the settings button on the primary screen in the lower, right corner. At any time, you can also tap on your current location on the map to open “Settings”.

What if I want to use a 3rd party app like Waze or Google maps for navigation?
We have included a “Alt Nav” button at the bottom of the screen that will give you the option to switch navigation to either Google Maps or Waze along with Apple Maps if you have an Apple device. Those apps will have a button to quickly return to Beeconz when you have arrived at your destination. Beeconz will be fully functioning in the background in case you need to switch back to check the progress of others.

How do I tell my car service where to go if there’s no address shown?
Many “Beeconz” don’t have an address so to make things easier, the nearest intersection will be displayed at the top of the screen so that you can inform your driver. If no intersection is available it will show the GPS coordinates that can be used by your driver for the destination.

What if I send a “Quick Beeconz” to someone without the Beeconz app?
“Quick Beeconz” are set from selections from their in-app contact lists. After you add contacts, you will be asked if you would like to send them an invitation to download Beeconz on your behalf. You could also send out an email or text ahead of time letting people know that they may be receiving a “Quick Beeconz” through the Beeconz app and to download it from the App Store.

Quick Beeconz

How many people can I send “Quick Beeconz” to at once?
You can send a “Quick Beeconz” to up to 4 users at one time. If you need to send to more than 4 users you would need to upgrade to “Beeconz Pro”.

How long are “Quick Beeconz” good for?
“Quick Beeconz” remain active for 24 hours unless canceled sooner.

Why would I send a “Remote Quick Beeconz”?
By default, “Quick Beeconz” shares the location & route of everyone, including the sender from their current location.

Why is there an “Exclude Me” option if I set a “Remote Quick Beeconz”?
By default, “Quick Beeconz” share the location & route of everyone, including the sender. “Exclude Me” is handy if you send someone on an errand and don’t want them to know your location. You do have the option to “Add Me” if you change your mind.

What happens if I receive a “Quick Beeconz” while I’m in route to a “Standard Beeconz”?
You will receive a “Quick Beeconz” notification as normal. Upon acceptance of the “Quick Beeconz” you will be redirected to it. Upon conclusion of the “Quick Beeconz” you can return to the “Find Beeconz” screen where any “Standard Beeconz” codes that have been searched or received will be available in the “History” dropdown so that you can quickly return to it.

Set Beeconz

What is Beeconz Pro?
“Beeconz Pro” has been created for individuals, entrepreneurs, vendors & businesses to let people know exactly where they want you to be. These can be anything from the location of your favorite food truck or mobile business, to work events, pop-up stores, private parties, festivals and any other time a location needs to be known.

How long are “Beeconz” codes good for?
"One Time Use" Beeconz can be active for up to 7 days. You also have the option to lease your code monthly or annually. This is good for things like mobile businesses that want to establish their code and do not wish to re-share a new code every 30 days. https://beeconz.com/beeconz-pro-options/

What does “Add To Public” do?
Normally your Beeconz can only be seen by users that have input your code.
“Public” allows for anyone in the area to be able to see your Beeconz on their map if they select the "Public" button on their primary screen.

What is the difference between "Pin" & "Track"
By default, your Beeconz is set to "Pin" which locks it to the location initially set. There is the option to "Update Beeconz Location" on the "Edit Beeconz" screen.
“Track” allows Beeconz to track the location of the device that set the Beeconz. This is a good option for mobile services that don't want to constantly update their location.

Are Beeconz active all day?
Only if you want them to be. You can schedule your Beeconz each day individually to only function between scheduled hours. You can set an entire week as a reoccurring schedule.

Find Beeconz

Is there a way to see "Beeconz" that I've gone to before?
Beeconz creates a "History" of Beeconz that you have searched or have been sent that are available right under the input field for new Beeconz.

What does "Inactive" mean in "History"
"Inactive" means that the Beeconz is not currently scheduled to be active but is still functional. "Inactive" will be removed once that Beeconz schedule becomes active again.

Me Beez

What is “Me Beez” for?
“Me Beez” is used to pin your current location and then, at any time, provide you with directions back to it. It remains active until it is canceled. This is really handy as a reminder of anything from where you parked your vehicle to your “Let’s meet back here” location.

Emergency Beeconz

How do you activate an “Emergency Beeconz”?
Just hold down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds to activate it.

How do I change my “Emergency Beeconz” contacts?
Holding down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds also brings up the option to “Edit Contact”. There can be up to 4 recipients.

What information will my “Emergency Beeconz” contacts receive?
They will receive a “Emergency Beeconz” notification containing your message if one was added. They will also receive the closest address or GPS coordinates along with a route & directions to your location.

Public Beeconz

What is the “Public” button?
If a user, such as a business, sets their Beeconz to “Public”, you have the option to activate the “Public” button in order to see any “Public Beeconz” around you. With “Public” active, you will be able to check out those “Beeconz” and their links without interrupting your current trip but you do have the option to reroute to one of them if you choose.

Can I filter what “Public” Beeconz that I see?
Yes. Hold down the "Public" button and a categories list will pop up where you can select what "Public" Beeconz that you would like to see.


What are “PreBeez”?
They are locations that have been pre-tagged and labeled by you. Just tap “PreBeez” to tag your current location. They are available if you choose to input a remote location either with “Set Beeconz” or “Quick Beeconz”.

Why would I pre-tag locations.
Pre-tagging is handy if you are scouting multiple locations for things like film locations. It’s also handy if you don’t want to return to a location again like your booth space at a large venue to set your Beeconz.




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